ProductCamp Portland 2016 Grand Prize winner Abhay Kulkarni

At this year’s ProductCamp Portland, we gave away a Pragmatic Marketing Course. Congratulations to Abhay Kulkarni for winning!


Here’s what Abhay had to say about the course:

The foundations class of the pragmatic marketing framework is a great introduction to marketing technology products for a beginner, and a brilliant refresher course for the experienced product manager. The class covers the fundamentals of marketing from identifying market problems and opportunities to positioning market-driven solutions. It rightly places emphasis on finding and analyzing market problems to build and create the right products, and positioning the product appropriately for specific markets and customer personas. The most exciting aspect of the class is that all of the learning that happens is not just theory, but are practical ideas and tools that can be quickly applied back at work. Overall, the class is well organized, goes into key concepts in depth and delivers a solid foundation for more advanced pragmatic marketing.