Product Camp session inspiration

New to Product Camp and looking for some inspiration for your Product Camp topic? Want to know what happens on the day? Here are a some ideas to get you started and some great illustrations of a typical Product Camp schedule. See what others are doing to get started with your own brainstorming.

  • Read a little more about what it’s like to attend a Product Camp. This post from Product Camp Boston will give you an idea of the types of sessions and talks that were proposed and done at the meet up. You’ll find some familiar topics there: roadmaps, agile methodologies, requirements, go to market strategy, and the life of a product manager:
  • How the day goes. The Product Camp Atlanta website has a handful of photos which illustrate the flow of the day:
  • See a full session roster. Product Camp Austin has published their session roster here and, if you compare it to Product Camp Boston, you’ll see some clear themes emerging. Product managers face many of the same challenges and we’re all excited to hear others discuss how they approach the same opportunities and obstacles:
  • See a detailed breakdown of a Product Camp. Product Camp San Francisco has a detailed schedule which gives a lot of information about the presentation. There a focus on engineering and design here along with key business skills and career development.