Get the ProductCamp Portland 2017 app

Subject: The Top 5 Reasons We Created an App for ProductCamp Portland 2017!

Our quest to enhance the event experience for our attendees is never-ending. We wanted this year to be better than the last, so we created a mobile app!  Here are just a few benefits and reasons why you don’t want to miss out on the app:

  1. Access the event schedule and customize your agenda
  2. Network with other attendees
  3. Rate your sessions with live polls
  4. Get real-time updates, notifications and social feeds
  5. Check out and connect with our Sponsors

GET IT NOW:  Download it to the device you’ll bring to conference at:

Event Password: CampPDX

Tip: Confirmation code is your registration name, FirstLast (no space or punctuation… e.g. Johnhancock; Janesmithdoe).  Or, you can create your own account from the app.