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ProductCamp Portland 2015 is in the books

Here’s a quick snapshot of why it was awesome Back in September 2014, our leadership team gathered and set about the task of planning the next ProductCamp Portland. This would be our fourth Camp and we planned to improve the event in several dimensions: we wanted more attendees, across more industry segments, representing more varied […]

Product Camp session inspiration

New to Product Camp and looking for some inspiration for your Product Camp topic? Want to know what happens on the day? Here are a some ideas to get you started and some great illustrations of a typical Product Camp schedule. See what others are doing to get started with your own brainstorming. Read a little […]

Session Ideas

ProductCamp is a great place to learn, share ideas, and network. Want to host a session? Here are some ideas to get you started: Roadmaps – This is a challenge for product managers at all levels. What format do you use? How often do you update your roadmap? Do you show the same roadmap to […]

Propose a Session, now!

Greetings Campers, We are open for business.  It’s time to Get in the Game. So, come on in, take a look around at our sessions are shaping up, up-vote the ones you like, and propose your own! This is Your Camp. Own it.

Get in the Game at ProductCamp

Ok, you plunked down your money and you registered for Camp. You’re obviously knowledgeable and passionate about Product Management, right, or you wouldn’t be here. Many others are too – and ProductCamp is all about leveraging the power of community to advance the dialog, share insights, and refine best practices for this career path we’ve […]

We Made a Place for People Like Us

We know what you love, and why you became a Product Manager, Product Owner, Product Marketer, Product whatever. Maybe, like so many of us, you started your career as an Engineer (I did), a Software Developer, in Sales, Support, or in some other role. Over time, you felt something calling you, something pulling you from […]