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ProductCamp Portland 2018 Prizes and Giveaways

At ProductCamp Portland 2018 on March 10 at PSU, we’ll be giving away two free courses and several hundred books. You won’t walk away empty-handed! Grand Prize: 280 Group Certification Course Awarded at the end of the day by our sponsor 280 Group Your choice of comprehensive online courses PLUS membership to AIPMM and the […]

ProductCamp Portland 2016 Grand Prize winner Abhay Kulkarni

At this year’s ProductCamp Portland, we gave away a Pragmatic Marketing Course. Congratulations to Abhay Kulkarni for winning! Here’s what Abhay had to say about the course: The foundations class of the pragmatic marketing framework is a great introduction to marketing technology products for a beginner, and a brilliant refresher course for the experienced product […]

Guest Post by Ashwini Talasila: How to work with difficult people

At this year’s ProductCamp Portland, Ashwini Talasila and Matthew Anthes-Washburn presented on “Difficult Stakeholders and Customers” (presentation is available here). Here are some post-camp thoughts on the topic by Ashwini: When I pitched “Managing Difficult Stakeholders” at Product Camp Portland 2016 I didn’t expect it to be such a popular topic. This session helped me connect product managers, designers […]

Guest Post by Manu Gupta: ProductCamp Portland 2016

I attended my first Product Camp at Portland (an amazing town with great people, food and music). As someone who has not been a product manager, my trip was very focused on what product managers do, how the role was defined and what their daily lives looked like. I have read a lot of books, articles etc, however, […]

Guest Post by Amy King: ProductCamp Portland 2016

ProductCamp is coming to Portland again! I had a terrific time there last year, and was planning to go again this year, especially since Camp organizers kindly offered a nice discount. However other plans and a growing list of marketing projects (link) came up so I’ll have to save my session pitches for next time. […]

Be Creative in the Format of Your Session!

One of the main benefits of ProductCamp is the exchange of ideas and this happens primarily in the breakout sessions. The value of the event is determined by the number and diversity of sessions people volunteer to lead. The purpose of this article is to encourage you to propose a session, assure you it’s really […]

ProductCamp Portland 2015 is in the books

Here’s a quick snapshot of why it was awesome Back in September 2014, our leadership team gathered and set about the task of planning the next ProductCamp Portland. This would be our fourth Camp and we planned to improve the event in several dimensions: we wanted more attendees, across more industry segments, representing more varied […]