2016 Sessions

Main SessionDavid Nashdeck
How Product Managers decide what to buildJim Semickdeck
Why Product Management should care about content marketingBarb Nelsonsession notes
Exploring different ways of customer/UX researchManu Guptadeck
session notes
Product Management job interview questionsOlaf Kowalikdeck
session notes
From market insights to revenueMiki Tokolasession notes
The product zombie apocalypseDavid Nashdeck
session notes
Failure is an optionMike Lonergansession notes
whiteboard notes
Map the challenge: How to explore the problem spaceTeresa Torressession notes
Amazing interviewsJim Semickdeck
session notes
Difficult stakeholders and CustomersAshwini Talasila & Matthew Anthes-Washburndeck
Use your website for your users not yourselfVeronica Ewing
Product manager's guide to understanding feature bloatHeather McCloskey
Onboarding: The secret sauce for product successLaure Parsons
Product team of oneClay Georgesession notes
A Bug's lifeJanessa Olsonsession notes
Five components of a good hypothesisTeresa Torressession notes